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License en Droit, Maitrise en Droit, DEA,
Doctorat de Troisième Cycle en Droit, Doctorat d’Etat en Droit
2010 - 2011 Fulbright Senior Research Scholar
(George Washington University Law School -Washington DC)
LLM (University of Florida Levin College of Law-USA)
Associate Professor of Law
Researcher and Consultant
Coordinator: Alternative Dispute Resolution - Professional Program


Associate Professor of Law: Department of English Law, University of Yaoundé II - Cameroon (2009 - )
Senior Lecturer: Department of Common Law, University of Yaoundé II -Cameroon (2001-2009)
Lecturer: Department of English Private Law, University of Yaoundé II -Cameroon (1998-2001)
Graduate Assistant: Faculty of Laws and Political Science, University of Dschang, Cameroon (1995-1996)
Graduate Assistant: Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Yaoundé (1991- 1993)
Administrative: Coordinator: Professional Master’s Program in Alternative Dispute Resolution (2016 - )
Director: Department of Child Protection (2005-2007)
Member: Joint Committee that drafted the Law of 29th December, 2005 against Child trafficking and slavery in Cameroon (2005)
Member: Steering Committee for the Elaboration of the Child Protection Code (2005-2007)
Member, African Studies Association- February (2011- )
Member of the Faculty Recruitment Council


LLM, University of Florida Levin College of Law, USA(2014)
Doctorat d’Etat in Law (terminal degree, University of Yaoundé II (2005) Read more
Doctorat de Troisième Cycle in Law, University of Yaoundé II (1997) Read more
Maîtrise en Droit, University of Yaoundé (1990) Read more
Licence en Droit (LLB),University of Yaoundé (1989)

Scholarship - Publications:
Books (Rabbie Series)
A Practical Guide on the OHADA Uniform Act on Securities in Bi-Jural Cameroon - September 2017, Second edition. Published by: Symbolic Graphics, Yaoundé – Cameroon. ISBN: 978-9956-544-04-3

Introduction to English Law and Legal System, Messie Printers and Publishers, Yaoundé – Cameroon, 2017. ISBN: 978-9956-27-032

A Practical Guide on the OHADA Uniform Act on Securities in Bi-Jural Cameroon- May 2010. First edition.

The Socio-Legal Perspective of Child Protection in Cameroon, Presses Universitaires d’Afrique, June, 2008, Yaoundé-Cameroon. ISBN: 978-9956-444-47-2


The Maputo Protocol and the Eradication of the Cultural Woes of Women: A Critical Analysis, published in “Recht in Afrika” (an online Journal in Germany), 20 Jahrgang, 2017. ISSN 2363-6270, pp. 93-11sp1.
Read Abstract

Alternative Dispute Resolution as a means of Settling International Disputes: Strengths and Weaknesses, Annales de la Faculté des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques, Tome 15, 2011/2012, pp.23-43.
Read Abstract

Corporate Social Responsibility: Duty or Philanthropy? To be published in the African Journal of Law, Faculty of Laws and Political Science, University of Yaoundé II.
Read Abstract

Human Rights, Women and the Islamic Veil (hijab): The case of Cameroon, Revue Africaine des Sciences Juridique, Vol. 5, No, 1, 2008, pp.93-106.
Read Abstract

Women and the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Cameroon: The way forward, Annales de la Faculté des Sciences Juridiques et PolitiquesUniversité de Dschang, Tome 10, 2006, pp.71-79.
Read Abstract

The Role of the Family in the Promotion of Peace and Security, JURIDIS- Review de Droit et de Science Politique, Avril-Mai-Juin 2006, pp. 99-106.
Read Abstract

Women, Property and Inheritance: The case of Cameroon, Recht in Afrika , Germany, 2005, pp. 143-161.
Read Abstract

The Education of the Muslim Girl-Child in Cameroon: Bringing the Right to Life, Annales de la Faculté des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques, edition special droits de l’homme, Université de Dschang, Tome 4, 2000, (published in 2002) pp. 153-160.
Read Abstract

Marriage in Cameroon: The Gap between Law on the Books and Social Reality, 7. Butterworth’s Family law Journal, volume 3, Part 12 of 12, December 2001, pp. 309-317.
Read Abstract

Customary Bride-Price in Cameroon: Do Women Have a Say? Butterworth’s Family law Journal, Volume 3, Part 8 of 12, December 2000, pp.205-208.
Read Abstract

Interaction, Conflict and Concord between Islamic Dower and Customary Bride-Price: The Case of Cameroon, JURIDIS- Review de Droit et de Science Politique, Juillet-Aout- Septembre 2000, pp.105 -108.
Read Abstract

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Law: Putting Children First
Read Abstract

Arbitrating Family Disputes: Myth or Reality (Submitted for publication).
Read Abstract


- Fulbright Senior Research Scholar, George Washington University Law School, 2010-2011
- Visiting Fellow, Religion and Human Rights Project of the Law and Religion Program, Emory University School of Law, (Atlanta Georgia), May-September, 2002

National and International Seminar/Conferences/Workshops The 21st Annual Fulbright Symposium on International Legal Problems: “Harmony and Dissonance in International Law”- ADR as a catalyst for the smooth application of International law, The Sompong Sucharitkul Center for Advanced International Legal Studies - GGU, San Francisco - April 1, 2011.( Expert Guest - Speaker).

Judicial and Operational Challenges associated with Contraception and Abortion in Cameroon in the 21st Century, Yaoundé, January 2017.

Implantation of an integrated project for the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Yaoundé II District, Koutaba, Njinikom and Maiganga, November 2007.

Cameroon’s «Plus 5» Review of the 2002 Special Session on Children and the World fit for Children Action Plan, Yaoundé, August, 2007.

Elaboration of a guide for the psycho-social support of OVC; a vulnerability scale for OVC and Six inter-ministerial circulars, Bamenda, November, 2006.

A situation analysis carried out for the implantation of a triangular project to fight child trafficking in the border areas of Cameroon (Ambam), Equatorial Guinea (Ebibinyen) and Gabon (Bitam) September 2006.

Validation of the Child Protection Code, Yaoundé, August 2006.

Finalisation of Cameroon’s first Periodic Report on the Application of the Children’s Convention, Yaoundé, August 2006.

Children and HIV/AIDS, Paris, June 2006.
Global Partners Forum on Children Affected by HIV/AIDS: Universal Access to Prevention, Treatment and Care, London, February 2006.

Planning and Execution of joint activities under the Cameroon-UNICEF Co-operation, Bamenda, 16-18 January 2006.

Elaboration of Codes and Guidelines for the Fight against Sexual Exploitation of Children, Banjoun, 22-23 December 2005.

Annual review of the Bi-Multi project for support of orphans and other vulnerable children made vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS, Banjoun, 19-21 December 2005.

First steering committee for the implementation of projects for support of orphans and other children made vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS, Yaoundé 8 December, 2005.

Forwarded recommendations at the workshop for the pre-validation of the national programme for the teaching of human rights in Cameroon, Yaoundé, 19-11 June, 2004.

Presented recommendations in the workshop for the validation of law on Gender-based violence, Yaoundé, 28-29 April 2004.
“The Role and Place of Women in Islam and Peace – Building, paper presented at a conference organised by the American Cultural Center Yaoundé, 15 November, 2001.

“The New millennium and the Cameroonian Woman: the Need for Novel Strategies”, presented at the colloquium organized by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs on “Women Leadership and Development: Towards the 21st Century” 25 – 27 May 1999.


Introduction to English Law – First year(1998 -2000) (2015 - )

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Master’s 1 (2015 - )

Company Law - Third year(2015 - )

Legal Research and Writing – Master’s 2 (2016 - )
International Human Rights Law – Master’s 2(2016 - )

Law of Securities – Master’s 1 (2016 - )
Corporate Law and Governance - Professional Master’s 1 (2015 - )

Mergers and Acquisition - Professional Master’s 1(2015 - )
Law and Entrepreneurship - Professional Master’s1(2015 - )

Competition Law - Professional Masters (2017 - )

Past main courses:

Equity and Trust – Second year (2001-2003)
Family Law – First year(2003 – 2005)
Law of Contract –Second year (2003- 2005)
Law of Mortgages – Maîtrise (2003-2010)
Introduction to Common Law – Capacité (1998 -2003)
Introduction to Common Law– First year, University of Dschang (1995-1996)

Tutorials (as Senior Lecturer and Assistant Lecturer)

Family Law– First year
Criminal Law– Second year
Specific Offences– Third Year
Civil Procedure– Third year
Evidence – Third year
Commercial Law– Second year


Supervised numerous Maîtrise, Master’s and PHD theses: defended and on-going.


English Law
Human Rights
Women’s Rights
Children’s Rights
Family Law
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Corporate Law
Legal Research and Writing
Mergers and Acquisition
Law and Entrepreneurship
Comparative Law

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